Fuel Your Business with Video Content

I tenaciously edit your content until it reaches the highest standards possible, and you are 100% satisfied with the most delicious bites to entice potential and existing customers to your website or channel. In addition, I also make it my primary focus to exceed your expectations.


I am incredibly passionate about my work and will strenuously work with you to determine your biggest problems and flaws in video editing and marketing your business.


I meticulously invest quality time and comb through your footage or existing content to find the bits that appeal to your ideal subscribers.


To take a couple more things off your plate, I include thumbnails and video titles at no additional charge.

How Can I Help You?


Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ian Metzger. 

If you are on the lookout for a creative partner in crime to give your raw video content that missing oomph and want to take it to the next level, well, look no further. 

I believe I am the answer to all your video editing dilemmas! I do anything, and everything related to video editing and am pretty enthusiastic about helping my clients polish their work while doing what I love!

The more I do it, the more I realize why I started doing it in the first place and how much I adore it.

Not only do I don the hat of a video editor, but also that of a director and marketer.

Over the last couple of years, my thirst for multimedia has fueled my interest and given me exposure and inspiration to help me progress in the video editing field.

My intense obsession for online marketing and seamless video editing has helped me provide my customers engaging and eye-catching potential outcomes without compromising quality.

This attitude has helped me get into the good books of some of the best business owners in the E-Com space, the digital marketing space, and a few other places. 

 But even with all that experience and all those connections under my belt, I realized I was still not 100% content and felt something was amiss. 

It was for sure not my ambition to reach heights, but it felt like I was limiting myself somehow. 

My creativity and tenacity needed something that could satiate those characteristics

It finally hit me that “the something” I was seeking was video editing, and I decided to follow my dreams and pursue my passion.

I enjoy watching videos but love editing them even more. I not only appreciate the nuances but also enjoy the art of recrafting the footage. 

I’m guessing that’s the same reason you do what you do too.

 You don’t do it for the business, but because it ignites something inside you. You do it because it is a part of you, and you love it to the moon. 

And that’s where I come in.

I can assure you that there is no one out there serving you the same way as I do because they see you just as another client.

However, I visualize you as the creator that you indeed are.

The YouTube star in the making, kicking off your career in the future and making a name for yourself…That’s what I see when I look at you. 

I show clients better options beyond their imagination and unique ideas that help them stand out in the crowd.

They cannot imagine the possibilities without actually seeing them and will only realize this and our vision once we partner together as a team.

Hence, the edited videos will help divert more traffic to your channel or website, bring in more customers and visitors, and make you an influencer and inspiration overnight.

I also follow the mantra ‘Give respect and take respect‘ and treat all my clients with the utmost respect. I am always ready to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations and make sure they have an outstanding experience.

You can reach out to me by clicking the button below to book a free call. This call will help me better understand your business and determine whether we are on the same page and could work well in unison as a team.

Placing a call does not mean you are obligated to buy my services. My sole intention is to find out if I can help your business and hopefully give you a tip or two at the very least.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

– Ian

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have the option of choosing our service month to month, instead of signing a contract for an extended period. However, though I would hate to see you go, if you do ever plan on canceling your account, I request you give us a 30-day notice.

This depends a lot on the amount of footage you have, but generally I deliver 1st drafts in 2 days or less.

Yep! I’m a stickler for the rules and will never share your details with anyone or do anything that would put your page at risk. Please be assured that your safety is of utmost importance.

In case of any doubts, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! Shoot me an email at ian@likewisecontent.com, and I will take it from there. Be assured that I will always be by your side and am genuinely passionate about assisting you.

Once I put the finishing touches on your assets and you are satisfied with the quality, I will transfer the video to a platform where you can access them anytime, anywhere. 

I can also email you some of the content as long as the files aren’t too large to send.

Of course, I do! I love it when my happy and satisfied clients refer me to others. 

In such a case, I will offer 10% off the package price for one month to both the existing and new clients (including 25% off the first month).